SnowRider Briefs for Feb. 11, 2013

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Safety week stresses important snowmachining reminders

Somebody in Michigan declared Feb. 13-19 International Snowmobile Safety Week, but here in Alaska, we recognize two things:

  • It is called a Snowmachine; and
  • Every week in the winter should be a safety week.

Alaska is one of the best places in the country for snowmachining and although we only boast 61,000 registered snowmachines in our state (vs. Michigan’s 216,144), we still have more snowmachiners per capita than Michigan – and and any other state, for that matter.

Which brings us to the point of this safety week promotion. The International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association features a “Safe Riders! Campaign” that aims to eliminate snowmachine accidents. The key points of their campaign stress the importance of not drinking and driving; checking ice and avalanche conditions before heading out; slowing down when night riding; staying on trails and off of roads; and never riding alone. The association provides more tips, free posters and safety awareness materials at its website,



Vintage Snowmachine Club posts race results

Balzarini brothers in the lead, open class. By Freestyle FotoThe Mat-Su Vintage Snowmachine Racing Club and Ice Racing Alaska hosted a balmy 43-degree-day race Dec. 30 at Mat-Su Resort. There were 62 racers and 83 entries in stock class and mod class.  The results are as follows:


IRA PRO 100-percent payout with $200 added

1) 88, Al Palma, Jr.;
 2) 18, Mike Estes;
 3) 151, Tony Hardwick

IRA Semi-Pro

1) 47, Cassi Ewing; 2) 74, Anatuci



0-500cc Twin Fan-FA/0-340 Liquid

1) 11, Robby Schachle; 2) 240, Devin, Schachle; 3) 216, Michael Hardy

Juniors <400cc Fan-FA

1) 66, Brad Klein; 2) 776, Kade Parker; 3) 773, Vincent Coverdell

Over 45

1) 55, Chuck Balzarini; 2) 166, Donnie Bull; 3) Craig Clayton


1) 220, Kelcy Schachle; 2) 164, Michelle Downey

Any Single Cyl/0-250cc Twin Fan-FA

1) 772, Lucas Parker; 2) 303, Crazy Larry Cummings; 3) 772, Luke Coverdell

0-340cc Twin Fan-FA

1) 266, Chris Schachle; 2) 232, James Schachle; 3) 300, Craig Clayton

IFS Open

1) 296, Gary Smith; 2) 303, Larry Cummings; 3) 366, Michael Bennett

OPEN 600cc

1) 11, Robby Schachle; 2) 216, Michael Hardy; 3) 240, Devin Schachle; 4) 223, Ryan Wolfe

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