SnoTRAC to Change?

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Alaska Snow TRACClub boards and officers are still working to put their heads together and come up with a comprehensive plan for improving the Sno-TRAC program. The current goal, says ASSA president Kevin Hite, is developing a comprehensive plan “that’s going to be effective and easy to communicate to everybody.”

To date, SnoTRAC brings in between $200,000 and $250,000 a year, most of which goes to grooming trails. “There’s been a tremendous amount of work done with the money,” Hite says. Even so, the money doesn’t go very far in a state as big as Alaska.

And, there are other worthy causes that could use SnoTRAC money including, a statewide snowmobile safety and education program and a full-time position to administer the SnoTRAC funds. Right now a DNR employee manages the SnoTRAC funds, but Hite says there has been high turnover in that position creating some confusion and lack of consistency in how the job is done. Meanwhile, the snowmobile community is growing and the public is looking for more amenities and trails.

One of the options being kicked around is a voluntary increase in registration fees, which have been frozen at $5 per year since 1997. Another option is asking the state legislature for supplemental funding. Now’s the time to educate yourself about the possibilities and make your voice heard. If you have an opinion, or would like to get involved, contact your club board members and let them know whether you support an expanded snowmobile program in the state of Alaska, and what you feel are the necessary and vital parts of that program.

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