Race director’s message: New horizons for Alaska’s iconic Arctic Man

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Thank you to all race spectators, race teams and sponsors for attending last year’s Arctic Man at Summit Lake. As always, Mother Nature played a part in the race, and racers managed to thrive and survive. Safety will always be our priority, especially for racers but also for spectators.

The Arctic man is celebrating its 33 anniversary and it has enjoyed a long and exciting history. We want to thank all the racers and spectators who have been attending for the last 33 years. The event has grown a lot since the first year in 1986, thanks to all the sponsor support and spectator participation.

Race founder Howard Thies

Race founder Howard Thies

This year’s race will be held Friday, April 13, with
a Saturday, April 14 backup race date. And make
sure to watch this historic race, as this will be the
last as we know it. Officially, Arctic Man featuring
skiers and snowboarders will not happen in 2019! This portion of the event will be put on hold for review, while we look at how to change the race with the times.

After this year’s race we will step back and decide its future in the years to come.

That said, this year’s event has some new and exciting additions. This year we are planning more snowmachine-type events:

1. Arctic Man Extreme: This event pits two machines, side by side as they race back up the course from below the finish line to the top of first aid. It will be like a hill cross but with only two ma- chines own course battling to the top. Both will be timed, with two heats with winner after two races.

2. RAZOR timed side by side in Oval Track
3. Snowmachine drag races
4. Pea Pod Runner to Maclaren Lodge, set for Thursday, April 12 The plan in the future is to offer more snowmachine-type events

for all snowmachine spectators. No matter what, though, Arctic Man is still a uniquely Alaska event that will continue for Alaskans to enjoy each spring.

As always, we’d like to thank all of our sponsors: Gene’s, Polaris Outpost, Odom Corp., Southern Glazer Wine and Spirits, Alaska

Officially, Arctic Man featuring skiers and snowboarders, will not happen in 2019.

Airlines, Miranda Electric, Alaska Spine Insti- tute, Motorfist, Monster Energy Drink, Sunshine Travel, Worry Free Alaska, NC Machinery, Airport Rentals, Yukon Equipment, Delta Medi- cal Transport, Alaska Dreams, AMMC, Denali State Bank, MAC Federal Union, White Spruce Trailers, Craig Taylor, AeroMedcare Network (Guardian), Petro Star/Sourdough Fuel, Alaska

Avalanche Information Center, Alaska State Troopers, Roundup Steak House, Maclaren Lodge

and Allen.
The goal of the Arctic Man volunteers and officials is to work

hard to make sure safety and common sense are a priority. We will continue to improve this every year and add new events in the future. Any comments to help make this spring event even better for you and your family will be appreciated.

— Howie Thies

Founder/Race Director Arctic Man Ski and Sno-Go Classic

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