Put Alaska riding spots on the snowmachine pitstop ‘best-of’ list

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SnowGoer magazine is seeking the public’s nominations for its list of the “101 Greatest Snowmobile Pitstops” in America. In an Oct. 12 story, the site solicited input from riders on their favorite riding locales.

Courtesy Chad Winberg

Courtesy Chad Winberg

“We’re searching for reader-recommended trailside locations that offer riders needed food and unique ambience for our second annual 101 Great Pitstops list,” the story read.

The best pitstops, according to SnowGoer, are often remote locations that are sometimes overlooked by those who fail to see beyond big advertising boards. That pretty much applies to every great stop in Alaska.

“A good pitstop is any establishment within reach of trails for fueling sleds, that also offers your traditional ‘bar foods’ such as cheeseburgers, french fries and warm beverages,” SnowGoer wrote. A great pitstop, though, goes above and beyond, and that’s what they’re looking for. Such amenities as signature foods, places to store riding gear, and décor that “incites the imagination of snowmobiling’s rich past, present and future (such as vintage photos, trail maps and more)” will be taken into consideration.

To nominate a site, email NLongworth@SnowGoer.com. Include the pitstop’s official name/location and attach a JPEG photo, as well as write a brief description of what you think makes the place great. Last year the site received nearly 200 submissions, so the competition will be tight.


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