Oct. 31 Iron Dog sign-up deadline looms

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All-women team join field of 2018 Iron Dog competitors

About 21 Rookie teams and one all-female team had signed up for the 2018 Iron Dog as of the middle of October. Racers had until Halloween Day to register, but the teams listed below were up to date as of press time.

Team 6, Brad George and Robby Schachle, ride their Ski-Doos out of the start chute in Anchorage. SnowRider staff

Team 6, Brad George and Robby Schachle, ride their Ski-Doos out of the start chute in Anchorage.
SnowRider staff

Registration began Oct. 7. As of Oct. 23 there were 27 teams registered, including five out-of-state racers, nine rural Alaska racers and three rural Alaska teams.

Polaris represents a full 13 teams, followed by 10 Ski-Doo-sponsored teams and four from Arctic Cat.

Reigning 2017 Iron Dog champions Cory Davis and Ryan Simons, Team 41, made history with their win. Davis became the second son of a champion to win, and Simons became the first non-Alaskan and non-American to win.

Team 41 has announced that they will not be returning for the 2018 Iron Dog. Davis is focusing on the 2018 X-Games and Simons will not be racing due to a back injury. The duo plans to return for the 2019 Iron Dog.

“We will return to regain our title in the future and will continue to support Iron Dog in 2018” Davis said in a press release.

(as of press time)

Team 2: Ryan Sottosanti, Micah Huss

Team 3: Steven Boney, Oliver Unruh

Team 5: Andy Gocke, Zack Weisz

Team 6: Robby Schachle, Brad George

Team 7: Aaron Bartel, Tré West

Team 8: Tyson Johnson, Tyler Aklestad

Team 9: Joshua Plumb, Jordan Starr

Team 10: Mike Morgan, Chris Olds

Team 11: Todd Palin, Shane Barber

Team 12: Kenneth Kleewein, Kruz Kleewein

Team 14: Casey Boylan, Bryan Leslie

Team 15: Tommy Germany. Jacob Evans

Team 16: Todd Minnick, Nick Olstad

Team 18: Eric Watson, Andrew Zwink

Team 19: Pat Daniels, Austin Goodrich

Team 20: Chad Gueco, Scott Faeo

Team 21: Dale Bennett, Casey Perkins

Team 22: Rachel Kidwell, Ashley Wood

Team 23: Stan James, Paul Sindorf, Jr.

Team 26: Ivar Carlson, Robert Masson

Team 29: Larry Levine, Dave Hausbeck

Team 30: Geoff Crouse, Dieter Strobel

Team 33: Jon Brant, Michael Adams

Team 34: Chris Collins, Lawrence Jones

Team 45: Barney Anselment, Dietrich Nikolai

Team 48: Robert Menne III, Steve Swenson

Team 49: Klinton VanWingerden, Kris VanWingerden

— SnowRider staff


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