Iron Dog 2017

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Larry Jones and Tyler Delimont race along on Shell Lake during their 2015 Iron Dog race. Photo from SnowRider file.

Iron Dog fills slots in early-entry Pro Class opening

About 25 Pro Class racers signed up on Iron Dog’s first registration day event at the Alaska Mountain Rugby Grounds in early October. Oct. 3 was the last day for others to register in the early entry period. The early entry saves $500 per racer on the entry fee and puts racer’s teams into the first round of drawing for a starting position. The drawing will take place at Iron Dog’s annual Hall of Fame/Racer Drawing Banquet, scheduled for Feb. 14, 2017. As of Oct. 8, the number of registered Pro-Class teams had increased to 33 – including 14 Ski-Doo teams, 8 Arctic Cat teams and 10 Polaris teams. One team was undeclared. Twenty-eight of the current racers are rookies, and nine are all-rookie teams. There are 15 out-of-state racers registered thus far. Final registration closed Oct. 31.

Team 2: Ryan Sottosanti and Micah Huss
Team 3: Shane Barber and David Spain
Team 4: Bobby Menne and Daniel Thibault
Team 5: Nick Petito and Jerrod Vaughn
Team 6: Robby Schachle and Brad George
Team 7: Kraig King and Darrick Johnson
Team 8: Tyson Johnson and Tyler Aklestad
Team 9: Joshua Plumb and Jordan Starr
Team 10: Mike Morgan and Chris Olds
Team 11: Todd Palin and Dakota Meyer
Team 12: Robert Stick and Jason Moore
Team 13: Mike Telkamp and Paul Johnson
Team 14: Casey Boylan and Bryan Leslie
Team 16: Todd Minnick and Nick Olstad
Team 17: Dustin VanMeter and Chad Gueco
Team 18: Eric Watson and Andrew Zwink
Team 22: Kurt Steiner and Dieter Strobel
Team 23: Chris Kruse and Paul Sindorf, Jr.
Team 24: Nathan Haines and Scott Franz
Team 25: Brandon Burmeister and Tyler Bogert
Team 27: Tyler Drake and Shannon Jenkins
Team 28: Jason Gunderson and Josh Norum
Team 30: Geoff Crouse and Kyle Connor
Team 31: Tim Lessard and Remington Lessard
Team 32: Rob Cleary and Dave Hausbeck
Team 36: Troy Conlon and Ryan Folsom
Team 37: Matt Heilala and Stan James
Team 39: Chad Dow and Shane Grindle
Team 41: Cory Davis and Ryan Simons
Team 42: Rurik Lindner and Richard Swenson
Team 44: Corey Berg and Luke George
Team 45: Barney Anselment and Dietrich Nikolai
Team 49: Klinton VanWingerden and Kris VanWingerden

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