Introduce a friend to the sled

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Snowmobile sport can grow one newbie at a time
By Kevin Hite

Sometimes it is difficult to time the request for my rants here with the editor’s proposed schedule for the publication of the actual issue of Alaska SnowRider that it will appear in. I end up writing columns that seem to have no basis in reality when you look out the window. I will write about the latest dump of snow or cold spell, and when you look out, you see grass on the yard. Having the deadline a month or more out from the publication date has led to some interesting mixtures of comment and reality.
For some of you who have had the drudgery of reading these ramblings of mine over the past few seasons, it is likely you thought that I wrote most of them after several sessions with the mobile duck fart kit. I won’t even give that thought any space for discussion. Note that I didn’t deny it, just saying. … Let it go.
Now that the Janaury edition of SnowRider is upon us, there are some things to remind everyone of. Some of these are directly associated with the New Year, some are taking up space in my frontal lobes. You decide which are which.
A) Time is running out to take back all the gifts that you got for Christmas that are hideous.
B) The relatives who bought you the hideous gifts are now gone until fishing season. Use this time wisely. It’s unlikely you will bump into them in the return line.
C) It’s now likely that most of the rocks and stumps that you discovered in November and December are submerged for the rest of the winter. Go screaming back over them with contempt. (I threw that one in for my buddies in the parts departments.)
D) All the clubs in the state are having general membership meetings. Go to one. Participate and learn something or someplace new.
E) Take a friend snowmobiling. Each of us has friends who don’t snowmobile. Take them out and make sure they have a good time. Feb. 11-20 is “Take a Friend Snowmobiling” week. Teach them some basic safety skills, ensure they are warm and take them somewhere fun. Go slow and stop a lot to show off what we do all winter.
F) Expand your safety/training skills. Either take a course in something you are unfamiliar with or volunteer to lead a seminar or discussion at your local club meeting.
G) Remove the Christmas tree. It really will not last in your living room until the first bonfire of the summer. Make sure the cat is not hiding in the branches. Sorry about that, Moe.
H) Begin the process of rationalizing breaking the New Year’s resolutions that no one believed anyway.
I) Do something unexpected for a service man or service woman’s family. They have just spent Christmas without the part of their family who spent it protecting us. Make sure they realize we know that.
J) Leave your copy of SnowRider somewhere that someone else will pick it up and read it. Maybe highlight the membership page?
Most important, enjoy our season. Despite the best efforts of global warming advocates, Alaska remains a winter marvel. Be safe and delight in our incredible state and all it has to offer.

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