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Snowmachine club earns state trails-matching funds

The Recreational Trails Program has awarded more than $83,000 to Curry Ridge Riders for a trail signage project in South Denali. The program provides matching funds for 22 trail projects in Alaska this year, with many projects underway or already completed. These reimbursable, grant-funded projects are ongoing through 2019 and total nearly $1.3 million. Among the grant recipients is the Curry Ridge Riders, which received $83,226 for South Denali trail signs. Other projects of interest include the Curry Ridge Trail Phase III project ($77,505), Willow Trails Committee Willow Park Trail ($38,382), and work in Interior Alaska on ATV trails in that area. The trails program is managed by the Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation and receives its funding for trails projects from the Federal Highway Trust Fund. For the complete list of award recipients, go to


Caribou Hill group preps for WOW ride

The Caribou Hill Cabin Hoppers is gearing up for one of its larger events of the season. The WOW Ride, which stands for Way Out Women, is scheduled for Feb. 23-25, 2018, and will be based at Freddie’s Roadhouse. Central Peninsula Health Foundation sponsors the event, which has raised more than $118,000 to help fight cancer. This event is an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors on snowmachine while helping those in the community who are fighting cancer. The $100 entry fee includes a continental breakfast, goody bag, a limited edition T-shirt, lunch, and a chance to help your friends and neighbors. There will be prizes as well.

There are no administrative costs. The funds stay right on the Kenai to help friends, family and community members. For details, go to


Lake Louise Club hosts Trail-work party

The Lake Louise Snowmachine Club is hosting a work party to mark the trail around Lake Louise and Lake Susitna, and all points in between. Meet at 9 a.m., in front of the Lake Louise Lodge on Dec. 9 and 10 — or just one day if it’s all you can spare. As long as the temperature doesn’t drop to more than minus 20, the event will happen. Bring your snowmachine, dress for the weather, and pack any snacks for the duration. The Club has all the tools and markers to mark the trail. Contact Harry at 907-232-9080 or


Ladies’ Ride benefits Friends of Providence

While the Kenai has its admirable female-riding event coming up in February, up in Petersville, there’s the 10th annual Ladies’ Ride, scheduled for Jan. 20, 2018. This is the sixth year the group has partnered with Providence Alaska Foundation to raise money for

The 10th annual Ladies’ Ride is set for Jan. 20, 2018, in Petersville. The ride benefits the Friends of Providence and helps fight cancer.  Courtesy Ladies Ride

The 10th annual Ladies’ Ride is set for Jan. 20, 2018, in Petersville. The ride benefits the Friends of Providence and helps fight cancer.
Courtesy Ladies Ride

Friends of Providence Cancer Center. All registration fees, pledges and funds raised from the auction go directly to the support of cancer patients in Alaska. This is a volunteer event and expenses for the T-shirts and the meet-and-greet are paid for by local businesses. In the past five years the group raised more than $55,000 that went directly to Friends of Providence Cancer Center.

The ride starts from the back of the Kroto parking lot at approximately 11 a.m. and will finish at The New Forks Roadhouse. Sign in and sign out is required, so don’t go solo. The men are welcome to participate in the fundraising and other activities and can join the group after the ride, but the Saturday ride will stay as an estrogen-dominant event. Registration packets will be available soon, but in the meantime, email



Willow Winter Carnival lights up cold days

The annual wintertime event in Willow, the Willow Winter Carnival, is set for Jan. 27-28, 2018, and Feb. 3, 2018. The two-weekend event features fun for the whole family, with planty of snowmachining options for young and old alike. Vendors can rent tables for the

The Willow Winter Carnival starts Jan. 27 and spans two weekends. Snowrider file

The Willow Winter Carnival starts Jan. 27 and spans two weekends.
Snowrider file

carnival, or take part in one of the many events set up, such as racing, the Bunny Boots contest and more. The group is soliciting as many volunteers as possible. For details, check


Recreational toy club comes to Alaska

A new Anchorage-based motorized recreational toy club has started that features high-quality motorized rigs such as snowmachines, ATVs and boats. The club offers members convenient access and value.

Lifelong Alaskans Derek Ruckel and Amanda Clayton announced the launch of Redline Recreational Toys. Redline Recreational Toys’ mission is to bring families an affordable way to have fun and build lasting memories in all seasons of the year. With access to mountain sleds, trail sleds, ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, ocean boats, riverboats, pontoon boats, personal watercraft and campers, members will have access to endless fun.

A unique point-value system allows for custom-built memberships for all levels of enthusiasts and budgets, while the trade-in program allows current machine owners to upgrade to a no-hassle option of recreational fun. Unlike renting, members can pick-up their equipment clean and ready to go the day before use and return it the morning after, providing a full day of recreational fun. The online reservation system is open 24 hours a day, making reservations an easy process up to 12 months in advance of use.

Members join for many reasons: They like the comfort and safety of knowing the equipment they’ll be taking into remote Alaska will be new and well maintained; they don’t have to hassle with cleaning, maintenance and storage after they use the equipment and; by being a member they’re not losing value on equipment that’s sitting around not getting used while they enjoy other activities or juggle a busy life. For as low as $150 a month, a member could use snowmachines, ATVs and boats.

The winter recreation season is about to open and early memberships are enjoying a 10 percent discount for signing up before Dec. 15.

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