Club Briefs – December, 2013

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Anchorage Snowmobile Club seeks board members for recent losses

According to club president Jack Grieco, Anchorage Snowmobile Club is invested in growing the club. This sort of growth typically consists of regular members, but for the beginning of the 2013-14 season, new board members are a priority.

“We have a couple of openings on our board because of people moving and that type of thing, so those just became available and we need to fill those,” said Grieco in November.

With a portion of the membership consisting of military members, ASC is constantly affected by transfers and reassignments. Membership fluctuation is an annual obstacle to overcome, but ASC is interested in not only maintaining membership levels but increasing membership as well.

“There’s always a little attrition and those things, but we would like to grow the club,” Grieco said.

ASC has plenty of group rides scheduled with openings to support any growth, and new members could account for more rides and more opportunities for people to enjoy the backcountry in winter.

Regular members can focus on the fun activities and take a little extra initiative to get involved or volunteer for projects. Board members have extra duties to perform.

According to Grieco, board member are responsible for going to board meetings once a month. There are 13 total positions on the board. Each board member or team of two is responsible for hosting one of the seven general membership meetings held each year. Community involvement is also encouraged.

“Board members are also asked to lead rides whether it’s a day ride or an overnight ride,” Grieco said. “We’d also like them to be on committees, something like Friends of the Chugach or a number of different land-use committees out there they can participate on. We like them to be involved and try to promote snowmobiling.”

For any members interested in filling a board opening they should begin by emailing Grieco at



ASC hosts raffle and rides

By the time SnowRider’s December issue hits the racks there’ll be little time left to capitalize on the annual Anchorage Snowmobile Club snowmachine raffle. This year’s machine up for grabs is a real mountain powerhouse, and with limited tickets sales there’s a high chance of winning.

“We have 1,000 tickets for sale and the main prize is a Ski-Doo 800, 154-inch track, and that will be drawn on Dec. 18 at our club meeting,” said Jack Grieco, club president.

Raffle tickets are being sold right up to 7:30 p.m. the night of the drawing.

Also in December, ASC is planning a Women’s ride. Early season scant snowfall suggests it may be canceled; however, interested ladies are encouraged to stay informed on the ASC website or pay attention to other women’s rides scheduled for later this winter.

A club member begins working on a winter shelter during last year’s survival training course. Photo by LTR Survivors

A club member begins working on a winter shelter during last year’s survival training course. Photo by LTR Survivors. Find more club photos on the ASC website:

Training is always an important aspect of club activities, and everyone is encouraged to jump in on those opportunities.

“We’re working with the avalanche school to put together a training ride for our members,” said Grieco. “We’ll probably have up to 12 openings, and the plan is to go out with two of the instructors to somewhere like Placer, Turnagain or Hatcher Pass to learn how to determine avalanche zones, how to work with a probe and beacon, and it’ll be like an all-day ride with two of the instructors.”

On Dec. 21, Grieco is scheduled to lead what he likes to call the “Longest Ride on the Shortest Day.” He expected the ride to be held in the Big Lake Big with a barbecue.

“It’s a family-oriented ride between sunrise and sunset, so actually pretty short,” Grieco said.

There are a number of longer, overnight rides scheduled and there may be a guest speaker schedule, too, someone from the Parks Department or a public figure, according the Grieco.

The raffle, events and rides can all be investigated on the club website,

                                                            – compiled by Justin Matley

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