Alaska State Snowmobile Association


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  1. Bruce Chalupsky says:

    Hello, is thate a list of total miles of trail managed by the ASSA?

    Bruce Chalupsky

  2. Tim Berg says:

    The Current President of the Fairbanks Snow Travelers is Peter Vredenburgh.

  3. Wes Fleming says:

    Why is the KODIAK SNO-BRUINS not on your website…One of the oldest continuous Sled Club in AK. Check out FB page.

  4. my question is how many miles of trails does Alaska have in all

  5. The There is a new president for this club. Fred Paulsen has not been on the board for a couple of years. The New President of the club is Robert Brooks. Phone Number is also different. 907-505-0116 Fax: 908-883-4430. Thank you. Email is or

  6. Just wondering about the ASSA information above. Is this the most upto date information for them? The phone numbers do not work or no one replies. Thanks for any information.

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