Arctic Man Spectator Hotspots

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The Hookup can be a party in itself.

The Hookup can be a party in itself.

There are four spectacular locations to watch Arctic Man, each with a specific vantage point of the race or the scenery. Getting to these viewing hotspots is easy considering they’re all located on the same path that follows the course. The only difficulty could be climbing the far side of the valley at the hook-up point, and rider confidence. Rider confidence shouldn’t be a concern for the first half of the course, so less gutsy riders will still get to see some of the hottest action.


Finish Line

The finish line is the closest and most easily accessible location on the racecourse from the Arctic Man compound. There are ground-level and elevated slopes to watch skiers and snowboarders as they zoom across the finish line. There is ample room for all; however, this location can become congested when races finish. Parking slightly away from the mass of spectators and walking up to the finish can alleviate the headache of getting stuck in a bottleneck.


The Release

The release can be found on a wide, more level hilltop with a long span of course-side parking. At this location racers can be seen as they summit the hill, release their grip from the snowmachine tow rope, and ski or snowboard past fans and down out of site. Although the hookup point is a more critical and difficult section of the course for racers, the release is a much faster section of the action.


The Hookup

The hookup takes place where a wider valley and two smaller valleys converge. Fans can be parked high, just prior to dropping into the main valley, and in clusters on the more steep terrain as well. The drop into the valley is moderately steep, but slow travel and attention to the terrain will allow anyone access down to the hookup. This is a favored site to watch the race, as riders will constantly be side hilling and jumping, giving spectators even more action to watch.

The far side of the valley is very steep, and many riders might choose to go no farther. Also, spectators should keep in mind that if they do drop into the valley to watch the hookup, they’ll have to be able to climb out again or suffer a longer ride down the valley and around the mountains to the compound. That’s a fun ride, too, for the record.

Do use a machine that can handle deep snow and climbs.


The Tit or Start

This location is a jaw dropper. The views are amazing, and the course can be seen for over a mile as skiers and snowboarders descend at lightning speed into oblivion. The mountain vistas and glistening landscape will impress even the most seasoned rider, and it is common to see a helicopter or plain chasing racers.

With that said, getting to this point requires good riding skill, or travel in groups that know what they are doing. Keep in mind that the fewer people that travel to this location, the more powder you’ll find. If you like powder, this is the place to be!

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